Essay Tips

Each of the degrees offered in the Marriott School require a different application essay. This is a very important part of the application. Regardless of your GPA, we recommend that you spend a considerable amount of time answering the questions. We also recommend that you first type your essay into a word processing program, save your essay, and then copy and paste it into the application in the essay box below. If you logout, your application will be saved, but not formally submitted.

Accounting Essay Prompt

  • Tell us about your accomplishments, background, talents, motivation, life experiences, and challenges you have overcome or anything you feel is important for the admissions committee to know.
  • What contribution(s) will you make to the accounting/finance program?
  • What is unique about you?

Finance Essay Prompt

  • What are your personal and/or career goals?
  • How will getting a finance degree help your life goals?
  • What have you done prior to applying to our program to achieve your goals?
  • What experience or exposure do you have to the world of finance (internships, Finance Society involvement, participation in Finance Society trips, important mentors, etc.)?
  • What about your past accomplishments demonstrates an ability to succeed in the finance program?
  • Is there anything else that has uniquely prepared or qualified you to succeed in the finance program?

(Revised March 2016)

Information Systems Essay

  • Tell us about your accomplishments, background, talents, motivation, life experiences, challenges you have overcome, or anything you feel is important for the admissions committee to know.
  • Discuss a special attribute or accomplishments in the information systems field that sets you apart. (How will your participation strengthen the BSIS program?)
  • What is unique about you or your situation that should be considered with your application?
  • Explain any deficiencies or irregularities in your academic record.

(Revised March 2016)

Management Essay Prompt

Answer each question prompt in separate responses or paragraph(s) of 100–200 words.

  • Why did you apply to this emphasis?
  • What is it about a career in this area that appeals to you, and why?
  • What personal attributes, background, or experiences do you feel will help you excel in your chosen emphasis?

(Revised July 2016)

Recreation Management Essay Prompt

  • Describe your interest in recreation as a major and a career. How did you come to decide that this might be the right major and career path for you?
  • What interests, experiences, accomplishments, challenges, and personal characteristics prepare you to be successful as a student in Recreation Management and a future professional in these fields?

(Revised April 2014)

General Essay Helps and Suggestions

Remember: The primary purpose of the essay is to help the admissions committee see how you differ from other applicants and to get a picture of who you are in addition to what is on your transcript.

The ideas below are general suggestions. Make sure you directly address the essay prompt for the program (accounting, information systems, finance, management) to which you are applying.

  • Let the committee know who you are—differentiate yourself.
  • More than half of Marriott School applicants are returned missionaries—in depth information about your mission may be beneficial and important but many times this information doesn’t distinguish you from others.
  • Talk about your service, church and/or work experience in a unique way (e.g. a story). Explain how your experiences and qualifications set you apart. Use examples such as telling of a difficult time and how you overcame it and persevered.
  • Humility is a virtue, however, you need to highlight your accomplishments—“be bold but not overbearing.”
  • Use more recent examples of accomplishments—for example, while Eagle Scout projects are life changing and solid service, in general they are too dated to include in your essay.
  • If you feel you need to “explain” low grades or a poor semester—do so in a positive, concise way without making excuses. Possibly include what you’ve learned and how you have changed.
  • Consider essay basics: (1) a brief introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, (2) paragraphs/subheadings that support the thesis, and (3) a strong concluding paragraph.
  • Be concise. Avoid clichés. The essay should be a maximum of 500 words—make every sentence count. Be creative, interesting and professional. Consider using subheadings for each question.
  • Show an understanding of the field you want to study and explain why you want to have a career in business. Consider discussing your goals for the future and why the Marriott School is an important step in completing these goals.