What If I Don’t Get In?

If a student is not admitted into a Marriott School undergraduate program there are still many good alternatives available. Although each individual student has specific objectives and skills, the following are some alternatives to consider.

  1. Management Minor — Having completed many prerequisite courses, students have taken more than half of the courses required for the management minor. Many students choose to pursue another major combined with the management minor. The management minor is the largest on campus with about 600 students graduating with the minor each year. 

    Students who are considering obtaining an MBA following their undergraduate program should understand that an undergraduate management degree is not required for admission into an MBA program. In fact, most MBA programs would prefer that students have an undergraduate major other than management. A management minor combined with another academic major is a good foundation for MBA studies.

  2. Reapply for the Marriott School Major — We only admit a specific number of students into the program for each semester. In some situations, students may not have been admitted because of an unusually high number of applicants with exceptional credentials. Sometimes students who were not admitted for one semester are admitted on a subsequent application.
  3. Strengthen Academic Performance — A student may have a particular academic weakness that could be resolved by additional coursework. The challenge with this alternative is that students should not undertake so much coursework that it would delay their graduation.

For any student who is not admitted, we encourage him/her to meet with the director of the undergraduate management programs to formulate a specific course of action.