Cadet Chain of Command

The ROTC program is run by the cadets and supervised by the cadre.  Each semester cadets rotate responsibilities and learn how to become well-rounded leaders.  This is the cadet chain of command for this semester:

Fall 2016

Company Commander  Chase Dowse
First Sergeant   Matthew Geddes
Executive Officer  Kenny Nelson
1st Platoon Leader  Mark Petersen
1st Platoon Sergeant  Byron Hunter
2nd Platoon Leader  Jeffrey Schwicht
2nd Platoon Leader  Hayden Schapell
S-1  Cory Robinson
S-2  Austen McCleary

 John Knowels                              Tyler Eliason                                       Jared Tidwell

S-4  Regan Campbell                    Nathan Keyes
S-6  Taylor Selee
PAO   Kal Holyoak                          Spencer McPhee