Social Innovation Projects

Social Innovation Projects (SIP) is an on-campus internship program that allows students to work on projects for top-tier social innovation organizations.

Build Your Résumé

SIP is an on-campus internship program in which a team of three to five students are paired with a partner organization such as PEF/Self-Reliance, Google Community Leaders, Ashoka, etc.

Teams work with partner organizations to innovative solutions for the world’s most pressing social problems such as poverty, health care, education, and economic development. SIP gives students from all majors a deeper understanding of how to Do Good Better.

Participate in Mutually Beneficial Internships

For Students

  • Use your skill set in a hands-on approach to learning and deepen your understanding of social innovation
  • Develop professional skills while earning three credits working six to nine hours per week
  • Contribute to a social issue you are interested in
  • Connect with innovative professionals in the field

For Partners

  • Get forty hours per week of high-quality work on unique projects
  • Influence the rising generation aspiring to contribute to the field of social innovation
  • Enjoy additional sources of fresh and innovative ideas, perspectives, and connections
  • Receive access to academic resources through the team

Apply for the Program

“SIP has opened a world of exciting service to me. Most BYU students want to be and do good. SIP has taught me how to give the best kind of service possible by doing what I’m good at and optimizing my efforts to have maximal impact. This perspective has forever altered the way I approach my career and many other important endeavors.”
— Trevor Dixon, Benetech and Google Community Leaders intern