Management Minor

A business management minor is available to all interested BYU students who are not Marriott School of Management (MSM) majors. Management minors provide additional skills and enrichment for a variety of majors.

It is a student's responsibility to complete an official "Minor Clearance Form--Management" and have it signed by a counselor in the MSM Undergraduate Programs Office/Advisement Center (460 TNRB) in order to bind the college to the current minor requirements. Students do not have to have the minor courses completed before (1) completing a minor clearance form, (2) having it signed by a MSM counselor, and (3) returning it to their major college.

Strategy Minor

The Strategy Minor is designed to prepare students for initial jobs in professional service firms (management consulting, private equity, and venture capital firms), general management or corporate planning positions in large firms, or entrepreneurial and start-up firms.

This minor is a limited enrollment program. Students must apply for the minor by the last working day of October at 4:30pm in the undergraduate admissions office in 460 TNRB, and they will be notified of their acceptance to the minor on or before the middle of November. Preference is given to those with outstanding ACT/SAT scores and high school and college GPAs. The Strategy Minor is for BYU students who are not majoring in management, accounting, or information systems.

Nonprofit Management Minor

A nonprofit management minor is available to all interested BYU students. The minor prepares students for employment and volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations. It helps teach practical skills such as fundraising, working with volunteers, and grant writing to assist students in their occupational goals. In addition to the minor, students can earn an American Humanics National certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Students can apply for the minor by meeting with Professor Brad Harris brad_harris@byu.edu, 801-422-3698.