Stephen Liddle, academic director of the Kevin and Debra Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology and professor of information systems, spoke on learning and agency.
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Royce has made pests less pesky by creating four of the most successful, environmental pest control companies in North America.
Student-run companies presented business plans to judges in hopes of scoring prizes up for grabs in the Miller NVC.
Keeping a journal is not a strength for some (OK, most) people. Micah Wilson wants to make it easy for those people to chronicle the most important parts of life.
Sam Ballard and his excellence in the teeth business led to the junior being named the Student Entrepreneur of the Year.
Innovative technology defines the 21st century. It was no different at the 2016 Business Model Competition.
The Marriott School had an amazing 2015. Here's a list of some of our top stories of the year featuring our outstanding students, faculty and alumni.
Begun by Marriott School students during their time at BYU, Owlet was awarded $250,000 in Verizon's annual competition.
Marriott School students has devised an innovative device to keep outdoor enthusiasts in touch while in nature: A tiny two-way radio that connects to your phone or headphones via Bluetooth.
Brigham Young University’s undergraduate and graduate programs ranked No. 2 and No. 7, respectively, in The Princeton Review’s recent annual survey for Entrepreneur magazine.
Students from across campus expanded and demonstrated their innovative talents during the week-long event showcasing entrepreneurial resources available at BYU.