Taylor Nadauld

Taylor Nadauld

Assistant Professor of Finance, Finance, Department of
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Office: 681 TNRB
Phone: (801) 422-6033
Email: taylor.nadauld@byu.edu


Professor Nadauld is the Goldman Sachs Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor of Finance. His research focuses on Financial Intermediaries and Securitization. He has published papers on this topic in the Journal of Financial Economics and the Review of Financial Studies.

Selected Publications:

  • "Correlated Collateral", .    
  • "Why did Financial Institutions Sell RMBS at Fire Sale Prices During the Financial Crisis? ", .    
  • "Why Did U.S. Banks Invest in Highly-Rated Securitization Tranches?", Review of Financial Studies, Forthcoming.    
  • "The Impact of Securitization on the Expansion of Subprime Credit", Journal of Financial Economics, Edition 2, Volume 107, Issue 2, Pages 454-476, 2013.    
  • "Did Securitization Affect the Cost of Corporate Debt? ", Journal of Financial Economics, Edition 2, Volume 105, Issue 2, Pages 332-352, Elsevier, 2012.    
  • "List Prices, Sale Prices, and Marketing Time: An Application to U.S. Housing Markets", Real Estate Economics, Edition 4, Volume 38, Issue 4, Pages 659-685, Wiley Periodicals, Malden, MA, Ed Coulson, Crocker Liu, and Walter Torous, 2010.