The Marriott School encourages all students to add value to their academic education with an internship related to their major. As students gain hands-on work experience, they are able to assess their interests, build confidence, and develop professional skills. Many students have found that internships are the best route to full-time employment after graduation.

What To Expect

During your internship, you will complete weekly reports and do two assignments designed to enrich your experience. These assignments make it possible for you to learn what a company does and how it functions. You will also get to know the executives of your company—and they will get to know you.

Application Process

To receive academic credit, students will need to do the following:

This process can take up to seven business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience can qualify for internship credit?

Internships must meet the following requirements:

  • Internships must apply to your major, incorporate classroom learning, and require higher-level reasoning skills.
  • Interns must have an employer supervisor to train, mentor, and evaluate them.
  • Interns must work at least fifty hours for every credit hour they are taking.
  • Internships must be completed within the semester you are registered.

I have an internship; should I apply for credit?

Most students who apply for academic credit have a specific reason.

The following are good reasons to enroll in BUS M 199R or BUS M 496R:

  • International students: Foreign students must be enrolled for internship credit to work on a student visa (unless they are not being compensated in any way).
  • Financial aid/scholarships: Many students need credit hours or another period of enrollment to maintain scholarship eligibility or to qualify for financial aid.
  • Company Requirements: Some companies pay their interns with wages that are qualified as scholarship money. For tax purposes they require all students to enroll for credit.
  • Elective credit: BUS M 496R may fulfill a Marriott School elective requirement if the student is a declared management major (excluding strategy emphasis) and if the course is taken for three credit hours.
  • Graduate school: In some cases, academic internship credit may be desirable for students applying to graduate school.

Aside from the reasons listed above, there is very little benefit in taking the BUS M 496R or BUS M 199R classes. Many students have the impression that an internship is not legitimate unless they receive academic credit. A line item on your transcript is not needed to validate the internship on your resume. Most students can avoid the extra work and tuition cost.

What is the difference between Bus M 199R and Bus M 496R?

The coursework for BUS M 199R and BUS M 496R is very similar. BUS M 199R is a pass/fail class that can be taken by anyone enrolled at BYU. BUS M 496R students will receive a letter grade, and the class can only be taken by students accepted to the Marriott School.

How many credits can I earn for my internship?

Please read the course syllabus before adding the class. Reading the syllabus will help you know how many credits to take (1–3) and what is required for each option.