Work Experience

Quality employment experience following a bachelor’s degree is critical to success in the BYU MBA Program. It not only enriches the classroom experience while in school, but it also provides our corporate recruiters a baseline from which to evaluate potential employees.

Work Experience Requirements and Averages

  • Our admitted applicants have worked an average of four years between graduating from college and entering the MBA program. There is no minimum work experience requirement for the BYU MBA Program. More than the mere counting of months of experience is the quality of the experience.
  • Your pre-MBA accomplishments have as much to do with your post-MBA placement as anything else. Promotions and/or significant increase in responsibility during employment provide the experiences that often are the basis of success stories that lead to success in interviews and placement.  They also allow you to show more than potential for success; you are able to show a pattern of accomplishment. 
  • We do not consider LDS missionary service as work experience. 

We value diversity of experience in our student body.  We admit from a broad range of undergraduate study and industry.  No particular undergraduate degree or career path is required.  As you learn about post-MBA career possibilities, your experience, interviews, and your essay should support the direction you want to go in your career.  Your ability to articulate what you do, where you are headed, and how an MBA will get you there is very important.