Ignacio Araya

Graduation Date:
  • April 2005
  • MBA (Supply Chain)
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Ecuador
Current location:
  • Miami, FL
Current job:
  • Johnson & Johnson - Process Improvement Manager, Supply Chain
Current calling:
  • Ward Mission Leader.

Previous experience...

Conservation Biology. I worked for five years. I worked in conservation and research of natural resources, and then in textiles manufacturing.

Previous positions and callings…

Positions: Operations Manager, Assistant Value Stream Manager, Process Improvement Manager. Callings: FT Missionary, Ward Mission Leader, Executive Secretary to the Bishop, 1st Counselor to the Stake Mission President, 2nd Counselor to the Bishop.

Experience at Marriott School…

I had the time of my life.

Experience as an international student…

The first semester was difficult, but after a normal period of adaptation, things went quite well.

Words of advice for prospective CIS students…

What are you waiting for?