Moroni Cebreros

Graduation Date:
  • April 2007
  • MBA (Supply Chain)
  • Chihuahua, Mexico
Current location:
  • Provo, UT
Current job:
  • Second-year MBA
Current calling:
  • Home Teaching Supervisor, Sunday School Teacher

Previous experience...

B.S. Electronic Systems. I worked three years as a software engineer for a local company in Chihuahua.

Previous positions and callings…

Junior Consultant, Software Engineer, Programming teacher. First Counselor in District Presidency, Second Counselor in Stake Mission Presidency.

Experience at Marriott School…

Studying the MBA program has been a great experience in many different ways. It allowed me to develop my skills and gain useful business knowledge from the best professors. What I liked the most from studying at BYU was the atmosphere that comes from being surrounded of great people who are willing to help you and from which you can learn a lot, including classmates, professors and staff.

Experience as an international student…

Being an international student at a school with such a good academic level as Marriot School is not an easy task. However, at BYU people have a better understanding of how it feels being in a different country because many people have served missions. I felt greatly welcomed and many of the students showed a great support for me and my family.

Words of advice for prospective CIS students…

  • Work on your English before you come; you will gain more from the experience the faster you feel comfortable with the language.
  • Make friends here with classmates, professors and staff.
  • Contribute in your classes and group meetings; you have a lot to give.
  • Look for internships and jobs, all the time and as hard as you can.