A. Christian Karlsson

Graduation Date:
  • April 2008
  • Marketing
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Norway.
Current Location:
  • Provo, UT
Current calling:
  • Sunday School President
Current job:
  • First year MBA

Previous Experience...

BA in Communications, Public Relations Emphasis. I worked for seven years between starting and finishing my BA. Then I started the MBA program directly after completing my BA. I worked in tactical and strategic marketing and sales positions.

Previous positions and callings…

I've been Store Manager, Country Manager, VP of Operations, Manager, and Travel Consultant. I have served as Elder's Quorum Secretary, Sunday School Presidency counselor, Ward Clerk, Full-time Missionary, Primary Teacher, High Council Member, Elder's Quorum Instructor, Stake Clerk, Mission Leader, Young Men President, Teacher Improvement Coordinator, Sunday School Teacher, Counselor to Bishop.

Experience at Marriott School…

I value the spiritual nature of our education. We are learning many skills and principles that may be learned at most, if not all, other MBA programs, but we are also allowed to develop in character, faith and ability to serve others. This program distinguishes itself by allowing all to develop their soul as well as their minds.

Experience as an international student…

Though a guest and a foreigner, I have found myself most welcome in the program. My input and questions are met with respect and interest. I don't think of myself as "a foreigner and most everybody else in my class are