Sandino Roman

Graduation Date:
  • April 2008
  • MBA (Marketing)
  • Iguala Guerrero, Mexico
Current location:
  • Provo, UT
Current job:
  • First-year MBA
Current calling:
  • CTR teacher

Previous experience...

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. 6 years of experience in high technology, specifically on Web-based applications.

Previous positions and callings…

Software Architect Advisor, Bishop.

Experience at Marriott School…

Three things I am grateful for:
  • Spiritual environment. (It is wonderful to mingle with people with strong beliefs)
  • International Experience. (Although there are some well known MBA programs in Mexico, I would not have had this international experience there)
  • CIS program

Experience as an international student…

Marriott School is strongly involved in making us feel integrated. They prepared several activities and even a club oriented to that. Fellow students do their best to make us feel comfortable in their country. I have gained very close friends from the program.

Words of advice for prospective CIS students…

Start studying for the GMAT test NOW! (This exam is very similar to a marathon. You just can not take it "out of the blue". It takes long hours of study). Set up an appointment to take it NOW! (According to experts, many people quit on the project just before to take the GMAT!)