Frequently Asked Questions: Academics

What is the MBA Core?

The MBA Core is a series of required courses designed to help students develop competency in a broad range of business skills. 

Are classes offered In The Summer?

No. Students are strongly encouraged to get an internship during the summer between the first and second year. Students work with the career management office during the first year of the MBA program to find summer internships.

What is the teaching style used in the MBA program?

The BYU MBA uses both case method instruction and theory-based instruction. There are also many opportunities for experiential learning throughout the program.

What is a case?

A case presents a real-world decision situation that allows students to analyze information and make a recommendation based on the same input the actual decision maker processed. A case may use an actual company, or it may disguise the company’s identity. Cases come from the entire range of industrial and environmental settings.