Frequently Asked Questions: GMAT and GPA

How important is the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)?

All applicants must take the GMAT. This requirement is never waived. The GMAT is one of the major evaluation tools used by the admissions committee to determine an applicant’s readiness for the academic rigor of the program. 

What is an acceptable score on the test?

The average score for students admitted to the BYU MBA Program for Fall 2013 was 667, but the range of scores of admitted students is broad. A high score does not guarantee acceptance nor does a low score preclude it. The admissions committee is particularly interested in a quantitative score at or near the fiftieth percentile. 

Should I retake the GMAT if my score is low?

If your GMAT score is below 600, we suggest that you retake the GMAT to achieve a score more competitive for admission. The admissions committee will only consider your highest GMAT score (BYU does not average scores). Please notify the MBA admissions office if you plan to retake the GMAT, so your application can be held until your new scores are received. 

If applicants are denied to the MBA program due to a low GMAT score, they have the option to retake the GMAT and have their applications reappraised with the new score during the same admission year. Applicants who want to exercise this option should fax their new unofficial score reports from the GMAT retake to the MBA office with a request to have their applications reconsidered with the new scores. Applications will be reconsidered based on space available in the class.

When should I take the GMAT?

It is recommended that applicants take the GMAT during the senior year of their undergraduate work or shortly thereafter rather than waiting until after work experience is gained.  Students who take the GMAT while they are still in school tend to perform better on the exam.  GMAT scores are valid for five years. 

If you have long since graduated with your bachelor's degree, we recommend you allow adequate time to take the GMAT before the application deadline: 

  • It takes  two to four weeks for official GMAT scores to reach BYU.  Applications will not be reviewed without a GMAT score.

If you are disappointed with your test score and believe you could improve it with additional preparation, we encourage you to retake the test. There is a thirty-day waiting period to retake the test. 

Can applicants submit unofficial GMAT scores?

Because the GMAT is a computer-adaptive test, test takers receive an unofficial copy of their scores immediately after completing the exam and prior to leaving the testing center. Applicants may fax or email a PDF copy of the unofficial GMAT score to the MBA office; the official score can follow at a later time to the university. The admissions committee can proceed to review an application with the unofficial GMAT score sheet.

How should I prepare for the GMAT?

There are many preparation courses and materials applicants can use to prepare for the GMAT. Information is available on the GMAT Preparation page. 

Do I have to submit my GMAT (and TOEFL for international applicants) scores with my application?

You may submit your application at any time. We will hold your application for review until we've received all of the application materials, including test scores.

International applicants must submit all marksheets, transcripts, and diplomas to IERF for a credential evaluation. Request a detailed report, which will provide a GPA calculation. Be sure to start the credential evaluation 8-10 weeks before the application deadline.  

What is the average GMAT score?

The average GMAT score for BYU MBA students is 667.

Which is given greater weight - GMAT score or GPA?

Both GMAT and GPA are important factors in the application process. A strong GMAT score can resolve concerns about a low undergraduate GPA.   The statement of intent also provides an opportunity to explain a low undergraduate GPA. GMAT is the more relevant indicator of academic readiness for an MBA.

What is an acceptable GPA?

The average GPA for students admitted to the MBA program for Fall 2014 was 3.53. Consideration is given to the academic rigor of the undergraduate program and strong performance in any relevant quantitative and business courses.

Can I be accepted if my GPA is below 3.0?

Yes, but there must be other evidence of academic strength, such as a strong GMAT score, to  resolve concern about the applicant’s potential for academic success. If admitted with a GPA below 3.0, an applicant will be given provisional admission, requiring that the applicant maintains a GPA of 3.0 during the MBA program.