Frequently Asked Questions: Work Experience

Is work experience required?

A minimum of two years full-time work experience is strongly recommended. Significant work experience, an established record of accomplishment, and a good plan of where you are headed are important to making the most of the MBA. Companies who recruit MBAs are looking for people who know what they are good at and know how to make a difference. An applicant is most credible when the pre-MBA work experience is consistent with the MBA degree and the post-MBA goals.

If I am applying for the JD/MBA joint program, do I still have to gain full-time work experience after my undergraduate degree?

Yes. We evaluate applicants for the joint degrees as if they were applying only to the MBA program.

What type of work experience do you count?

We admit from a broad range of industry. When corporate recruiters interview MBA students for employment, they focus on the work experience gained between the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Recruiters want to know how that work experience combined with an MBA education will add value to their organization.

Work on your personal branding and craft a compelling story that offers synthesized examples of a track record in leadership, performance, and increased responsibility.