BYU MBA Program Scholarships

All incoming BYU MBA students are considered for MBA Program scholarship. Scholarships are awarded to students based on the strength of their application, including GMAT score, GPA, and quantity and quality of work experience. About 60 percent of incoming students are awarded partial MBA scholarship support.

Single-Parent Scholarship

The spouses of the Marriott School National Advisory Council (NAC) members sponsor the Single-Parent Scholarship. This unique scholarship is designed to assist single parents gain an advanced degree.

Wilford A. Cardon International Sponsorship (CIS)

The CIS provides educational funds for qualified married members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from countries outside the United States and Canada who are committed to returning to their home region after the MBA.

Private Scholarship

Second-year MBA students are eligible for numerous private scholarships available through the Dean's Office of the Marriott School. The application for private scholarships is available online beginning in January. 

Hawes Scholar Award

The prestigious Hawes Scholar Award is given to top second-year MBA students. Criteria for the scholarship include academic excellence, leadership maturity, a proven commitment to ethics and values, and a demonstrated devotion to the mission of the Marriott School of Management. This is a designation that follows students as they leave the BYU MBA. Hawes Scholars receive a grant of $10,000. Rodney J. Hawes Jr. and his wife, Beverly, sponsor these awards. All MBA students are automatically considered for this scholarship; no application is necessary.

Non-BYU Scholarship Resources

Go to for more information for external scholarship resources.

Financial Aid

Student Loans
To help cover expenses and graduate with as little debt as possible, BYU MBA students can apply for federal student loans and/or Marriott School loans and take advantage of employment options during a student’s second year. For more information regarding the Marriott School of Management Loan Program, please sign into your myBYU "My Financial Center" and select "Communication" tab then "Message Center" to leave a request.

Summer Internships
Nearly all MBA students take part in summer internships between the first and second years. Internships help students earn enough income to help pay for some of their second year.

Second Year Work Policy & Assistantships
Second-year MBA students may work off-campus, or they can work on-campus in an assistantship. Assistantships provide students with the opportunity to work on-campus at a competitive wage. Assistantships may consist of research work for a professor, teaching a class, tutoring students, grading assignments, mentoring first-year students as a part of the Sherpa Program, or planning large competitions and events.