Graduating from the BYU MBA Program changes people for the better. While BYU MBA graduates are better qualified to lead organizations, start and invest in businesses, and manage employees after completing their degree, there is more to them than just their technical knowledge. Graduates leave with a sense of serving others and of being a good example.

One of the most evident ways BYU MBA alumni serve others is by assisting their younger BYU MBA colleagues to reach their professional and personal goals. It is not uncommon for a current student to call upon an alumnus or alumna to ask for advice or to be included in his or her network. While some people would be hesitant to have a relative stranger call upon them for such big favors, it seems the only thing our alumni need to know before helping is that the student is a BYU MBA.

BYU MBA alumni can be found in nearly every sector of the world economy. They are improving supply chain efficiencies in Illinois, running hedge funds in New York, hiring and training employees in southern California, managing brands in Arkansas, starting businesses in Utah, or improving international business relationships in Brazil, Finland, and Japan. They are incredibly accomplished and surprisingly accommodating.