Team Learning

The BYU MBA Program uses a number of learning methods. During the first year, students are placed into one of three-four sections of approximately forty students each. The team-oriented approach begins immediately as these larger sections are then organized into smaller study groups of five to six students. Study groups are designed according to factors such as academic background and previous work experience. They are meant to bring together individuals who will complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to learn from one another.

Students will find that much of their learning takes place in these groups as they learn to work together to deal with the pressures and uncertainties of management positions. They will cultivate lifelong friendships with other students in their study groups. While assigned group work becomes much less common in the second year, most second-year students recall the advantages of group study and continue to form groups on their own

Case Method

In addition to studying course textbooks, BYU MBA students become practiced in preparing business cases. The case method allows students to apply business concepts and theories to real-world situations. Cases present various business decisions, problems, and situations that actual companies have faced. Students examine the cases, identify problems, analyze options, and develop strategies to provide workable solutions. Completing cases successfully prepares students for the challenges of everyday business life.

Extracurricular Competitions and Projects

In addition to team-based work and the use of the case method in the classroom, students are given opportunities to participate in competitions focusing on entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, logistics, ethics, and innovation. Students also take part in consulting projects and specialized classes focusing on financial investments, venture capital, social enterprise, and real estate while taking advantage of the resources made available to them through the Marriott School’s centers and institutes.