Your Career After the BYU MBA Program

When investigating which MBA program to attend, the first question you should ask yourself is, “How well does this school place its students in jobs upon graduation?” The BYU MBA Program is one of the top programs in the country in terms of career placement. The 2011 U.S. national average for MBA graduate job placement within three months following graduation is 79 percent (U.S. News). The BYU MBA Program enjoyed a placement rate during the same time period of 90 percent—nearly twelve points higher than the national average. In years following, those placement rates have continued to climb: BYU MBA Class of 2015 had 92% of their class placed as of July 2015 with an average base salary of $103,000.

Why is the BYU MBA placement rate so much higher than the national average?

  1. BYU MBA students are prepared for their next step. Before entering the BYU MBA Program, students have an average of four years of progressive work experience and an average 672 GMAT score. In addition to these quantifiable measurements of success, BYU MBA students are highly motivated and mature, proven leaders. BYU MBA students value integrity and living moral values. 
  1. The BYU MBA Program employs world-class faculty and a highly effective case method of instruction. Based on the case method of learning, BYU MBA students are grouped into teams throughout their first year as they study and solve real-world business problems. 

  2. Each first-year BYU MBA student is paired with a second-year MBA student career guide, or sherpa. Sherpas help their first-year climbers find the career path they should take and assist them to find the right internship during the summer break between the first and second year.

  3. Each student has access to the BYU Marriott School’s Career Center, which offers one-on-one assistance to find the individually unique career. Placement officers are specifically assigned to MBA students to link them to the core companies that hire from BYU and to other companies learning about the high quality students coming out of the BYU MBA Program.

  1. Students frequently interact with the BYU MBA Network–a network of BYU MBA alumni around the world. BYU MBA alumni are consistently aiding current students to bridge the gap between graduate school and their careers in the most helpful and successful way possible.

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