Leadership of the Miller New Venture Challenge (NVC)

Second-year BYU MBA students lead the Miller New Venture Challenge (NVC). Students take on the role of venture capitalists in screening and judging viable business plans. They are also responsible for the marketing and operations of the BPC.

Supported by the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship, the BPC is open to graduate and undergraduate students to submit ideas for new businesses. Many BYU MBA students not involved in the leadership of the Business Plan Competition submit their ideas for review.

Social Enterprise

Each May, before beginning their summer internships, a number of BYU MBA students have the opportunity to participate in a social venture consulting project.  These projects give students the opportunity to apply their skills in numerous developing countries to help socially minded organizations improve services to their clients. In the past, students have worked in Ghana, Mozambique, Peru, Mexico, and Paraguay with organizations in the fields of microbusiness, health, education, and employment. Working with these organizations is especially effective at helping students understand the theory and practice of economic self-reliance.

Some funding is made available to assist students with the costs of these learning experiences. 

Social Venture Competition

BYU MBA students can also get involved in BYU’s annual Social Venture Competition (SVC). The Brigham Young University (SVC) provides an opportunity for students to share their interest in local, national, or global social issues. Students work with faculty, practitioners, and professionals to develop and implement business plans that meet social needs in areas such as health care, poverty, education, energy, and agriculture. Winning teams earn more than $50,000 in prize money.

Non-BYU Case Competitions

BYU MBA students enter many case competitions around the U.S. BYU MBA students are encouraged to put their skills to the test at national and international case and business competitions.

During the 2011-2012 school year, BYU MBA students placed at the following competitions:


The field studies program is the consulting arm of the Marriott School of Management. Consulting projects are typically completed by a team of four or five graduate students under the direction of a faculty advisor with expertise in the area to be addressed. Field study teams work on projects in almost any business discipline, including marketing research, strategy, finance, supply chain, and global business. Recent clients include Microsoft, Intel, Dow Chemical, Dell Computers, Black & Decker, and the State of Utah.

Numerous field study projects require students to travel abroad in order to gain an understanding of a business’ needs in a particular country.  Students in the past have traveled to countries like Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico, and Switzerland.  The cost of traveling to these countries is not the responsibility of the participating students.

For more information on field studies contact:

Roger McCarty
Director of Experimental Learning
Corporate Development/Career Services
Phone: (801) 422-8928