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National Advisory Council Directory

Amorim, Manoel - VICE CHAIRMAN, Abril Educacao

Andersen, Douglas L. - Retired President and CEO, Allied Insurance Companies

Andrus, Jeremy B. - CEO, Traeger

Archibald, Nolan D. - Executive Chairman, Stanley Black and Decker

Atkisson, Ann B.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Bailey, Donald V - Chairman and CEO, Triton Investment Company

Bair, Larry K. - Chairman, Columbia Ultimate Business Systems Inc.

Bateman, Merrill J - First Quorum of Seventy, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Bates, Douglas K. - Founder and CEO, Clearwater

Bates, Ellen H.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Baughman, Gary S. - CEO, Retired, Fisher-Price and Petmate, Inc.

Beattie, Lane - President and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber

Beesley, H. Brent - Chairman and CEO, Heritage Bank

Benac, WIlliam P. - Chairman, Crescent Equity, Inc.

Bench, Mark - Bench Consulting LLC
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Benfell Jr., V. Stan - Partner, Beacon Financial
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Berrett, Britt R.

Bertha, Albert F. - CEO/Founder, Two Harbors Trading, LLC

Billeter-Dunford, Judy B.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Bird, Lee - Nike

Bishop, Brent L. - Owner, Remember, LLC

Blackham, Carl A. - Managing Director, BMO Harris Bank

Bolinder, Robert D. - Retired Chairman of Finance, Smith's Management Corporation
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Boyd, Stephen D.

Bradford, Dallas H. - Retired Partner, Arthur Anderson LLP
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Bradford, Jay H. - Executive VP & CFO, Majestic Realty Co.

Brady, Rodney H. - Retired, President and CEO, Deseret Management Corporation
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Brooksby, W. Brandt - President & CEO, Bungee International MFG
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Brunt, George B. - CEO, BiologiQ Inc.

Bryan Jr., A. Bradford - Retired, EVP, Architecture & Construction, Marriott Corporation

Buchanan, Dr. Jack R. - Retired, Chief Information Officer, Cuna Mutual Insurance
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Budge, Todd - Chairman, Tokyo Star Bank, Limited

Bullock, David J. - President and CEO, Greenwood Income Partners

Bullock, Fraser - Managing Director, Sorenson Capital Partners

Burnham, Lewis E. - Retired, Phillips Petroleum Company

Burns, Tony - Chairman of the Board, Ryder Systems Incorporated
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Bushnell-Smith, Ann H.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Call, Robert W. - Senior Tax Partner, Deloitte & Touche

Campbell, Daniel W. - Managing General Partner, EsNet Management, Inc.

Cannon, Joseph A. - Deseret Morning News
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Cannon, Kent H. - President and CEO, Beneficial Financial Group

Cannon, Mark W
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Cardon, Wilford A. - Chairman of the Board, The Cardon Group

Cardon, Wilford R. - President and CEO, The Cardon Group

Carlson, Renee P.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Carpenter, Fred L. - CEO, Peer Advisory Group, Vistage International, Inc.

Chamberlain, Catherine - Managing Director of Market Strategy, Deseret Book

Child, William H. - Chairman of the Board, RC Willey Home Furnishings

Christensen, Christopher R. - CEO, Ensign Group

Christensen, Clayton M - Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Christensen, David S. - Co-President & COO, Nearon Enterprises

Christensen, Ralph N. - Managing Director Human Resources, The Church of Jesus Christ of

Christensen, W. B
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Clark, David D. - Healthcare Consultant, Sorenson Capital Partners

Clarke, Don R - Second Quorum of the Seventy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Clarke, Elder J. Richard - Corporation of the President
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Clason, Christopher H. - Vice President, Human Resources, Honeywell International Foundation

Clawson, Eileen S. - IBM International Foundation
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Clawson, Jack G - CEO (Retired), Hill-Rom Company
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Clawson, Scott G. - President and CEO, Culligan International

Clayton, Bret K - Group Executive, Rio Tinto

Close, Kathleen H. - President and Founder, Micro-Business USA

Coleman, Jon C. - President, Worldwide Sales, Marketing, & Clinical, Masimo Corporation

Colton, Kent W. - President, The Colton Housing Group

Cook, David P. - Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Cook, Richard E - Former Managing Director Perpetual Education Fund, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Coon, Jonathan C. - Retired CEO, 1-800 Contacts

Corbitt, Ahmad S. - Director, LDS Church

Cornia, Gary C. - Dean, Marriot School of Management, Brigham Young University

Cottrell, Timothy R. - Senior Vice President of Taxation, Cemex

Cowherd, Margaret M - EVP and CFO, iQor
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Cowley, Duke - President, Cowley Companies, Inc.

Crespo, Frank J. - Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Caterpillar Inc.

Crittenden, Gary L. - Managing Partner and CEO, Huntsman Gay Global Capital

Crouch, Arlen B
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Cullimore, Kelvyn H.
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Cutler, Scott R. - Executive Vice President, Head of Global Listings, Intercontinental Exchange/ NYSE

Dahneke, Marshall S. - President, CEO, Hygenic Corp

Daines, Bernard N. - World Wide Packets
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Daines, Linda S. - Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Dame, Kelly L. - Executive Vice President, Woodgrain Millwork Inc.

Dame, Reed N. - President and CEO, Woodgrain Millwork Inc.

Daniels, Lee A. - Partner, Retired, TPG-Asia

Davies, Mark J - Chief Financial Officer, Vivint

Davis, Donald D. - Retired, Sr. Vice President Employee Relations, CSX Corp

de Jager, Sister Bea L.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Deceuster, Joel S. - Owner/Founder, Joel Deceuster Associates LLC
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Decker, Richard C. - President, Decker & Company

Derrick, Sister Allie
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Dew, Sheri L - President and CEO, Deseret Book

Driggs, Gary H. - Chairman, Camelback Hotel Corporation
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Dunn, Samuel C. - CFO, Walmart Leverage

Edwards, Howard L. - Corporate Secretary, Retired, ATlantic Richfield Company
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Edwards, Robert L. - CEO, Safeway, Inc.

Edwards, Morgan - Managing Director, Macquarie Capital Advisors

Engebretsen, James R. - Assistant Dean Marriott School, Brigham Young University

Engle II, Barry L. - CEO, Agility Fuel Systems

Esplin, J. Kimo - Executive Vice President/CFO, Huntsman Corporation

Eyre, Chris A. - Managing Director, Legacy Venture

Folkman, Alan J. - Chairman, Folkman Asset Management LLC

Foulger, Clayton - Principal, Foulger-Pratt Companies

Fowler, John E.
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Franson, Rex L. - Enshale, Inc.
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Galland, Rodger D. - Kingsley Management Corporation
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Galorath, Daniel D - President and CEO, Galorath Incorporated

Gantner Jr., Alfred - Founder, Partners Group

Gardner, Robert G. - MSM Alumni Relations Coordinator, Brigham Young University

Gardner, Shelli G. - CEO and Co-Founder, Stampin' Up!

Gay, Robert C. - First Quorum of the Seventy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Geiger, Greg - Consultant, Business Intelligence & Process Analys, SAP

George, The Honorable Lloyd D. - US District Judge, US District Court
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

McQuarrie-Gibson, Oneida B.

Glenn, David W. - Sr. Managing Director, Private Equity, Cerberus Capital Management

Gottfredson, Mark A. - Partner, Bain & Company

Anne L. Graf, Mary - President, Health Care Innovations Incorporated

Grant, Brooke - Wireline Technologies Inc

Gray, Darius A. - Author,

Greene, Robert E. - President, Evergreene Ventures LLC

Grimm, Thomas R. - Partner, Red Star Traders

Gunnell, Ronald C. - Co-Founder, The Paradigm Group

Haas, Ronald D - Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Haight, Robert P. - Former Executive VP, Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Haines III, Albert E.

Hales, Robert D - Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Hansen, Lloyd E. - Vice President and Controller, Retired, Ford Motor Company

Hansen, Stephen W.

Harden, Timothy

Hardy, Dr. John W. - Vice President and CFO, Retired, U S Synthetic Corporation

Harris, Peter H - CEO, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology

Hart, Tom W. - Executive Vice President, Shorenstein Company LLC

Hawes Jr., Rodney A. - Investor and Entrepreneur,

Hawkins, John H. - Great Metro Autogroup

Hemingway, David - Executive Vice President, Zions Bank Corporation

Henderson, Lon E. - President and CEO, Soltis Investment Advisors

Henrie, Kim B. - Retired President, British American

Herlin, Richard K. - Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Higbee, D. Scott - Partner, Partners Group

Hill, Anita
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Hill, Mitch C. - Partner, Strathspey Crown, LLC
    Position: NAC Vice Chair
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Hill, Dr. Ned C. - Professor of Finance, Brigham Young University

Hoer, Michael A. - Former President and Managing Director, Continental Grain - Asia

Holland, David K. - Senior VP/Sports and Entertainment, Retired, Cisco Systems

Homer, David P - President, General Mills Canada

Davies, Cindi H. - SVP, General Auditor, Comcast

Hoopes, David C. - Financial Consultant, Retired, Merrill Lynch

Huckvale, Fred - Chairman and President, Retired, Millennial Management Inc.

Hunt, Steve

Huntsman, Peter R. - President, CEO, Director, Huntsman Corporation

Ingersoll, W. Brett - Senior Managing Director, Cerberus Capital

Jackson Jr., Alvin B. - Principal, The Jackson Group

Jacobson, James B - Chairman of the Board, Bonneville International Corp.

Jenkins, Keith B. - Retired Executive Vice President, Member Services, AOL

Jenson, Sterling K. - Regional Managing Director, Wells Capital Management

Jenson, Warren C. - President, Jenson Company

Jex, John A. - Partner, Retired, Deloitte and Touche

Johnson, Allen M. - Chair of Computer Science Department, Huston-Tillotson University

Johnson, Drew W. - Co-Founder & CEO, Gauge Capital

Jones, Daniel W. - National Director of Assurance and Advisory Serv.,, Deloitte

Jones, Jay B. - Founder and CEO, American Equity Partners

Jones Sr., Stanton D. - General Manager/Owner, Park City Media Group

Kane, Jack A. - Senior Executive Manager and Chief Financial Offic, IDX Systems

Keller, Brett A. - Chief Marketing Officer,

King, Colleen - President, Retired, King and King

King, Edmund C. - Retired General Partner, Trouver Capital Partners

King, Dr. Kay A. - Director, retired, U.S. House of Representatives, Office of Interparliamentary Affai

Knab, John M. - Managing Director, Americas Housing Alliance

Knight, Justin G. - President, Apple REIT

Lansing, J. Chris
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Larson, Bruce M. - Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Company

Lassetter Sr., Terrell A. - IBM International Foundation

Lauck, John R. - President and CEO, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Lee, Michael K. - Managing General Partner, Dominion Ventures Inc

Lewis, G. Franklin - CEO, AboveTraining, Inc.

Little, Chad O. - Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Brigham Young University

Lloyd, Robert - VP, Site Services & Facilities Mgt. Retired, Microchip Technology Inc.

Long, James R. - Retired, Executive Vice President, Nortel Networks

Lundgren, Stephen S. - Area General Manager, Marriott International, Inc.

Malouf, Ronald E. - President and CEO, Malouf Company
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Marcheschi, Leora P.

Marriott Jr., J. W. - Chairman, President and CEO, Marriott Corporation

Marriott, Richard E. - Chairman of the Board, Host Hotels & Resorts
    Position: Executive Committee, member at large
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Martin, Jerald L. - Senior Vice President, Retired, Pepsico Financial Shared Services

Martino, David C. - President and CEO, Retired, Russell-Newman, Ltd.
    Position: Extended Reach Committee Chair

Martino, James B. - Chairman of the Board, Retired, Russell-Newman, LTD.

Mason, Mitch A. - Chief Operating Officer - UK, Deutsche Bank

Maughan, D. Reed - Partner, Retired, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Maughan, Rex G. - Chairman of the Board and President, Forever Living Products Intern

McAlmont, Shaun E. - President, CEO, Lincoln Educational Services Corporation

McCord, Frank M.

McFerson, Dimon R. - Retired Chairman and CEO, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

McKinney, John S. - Retired, Chief Financial Officer, United Rentals, Inc.

McKinnon, Paul D. - Head of Human Resources, Citigroup, Inc.

McMullin, Nyal D. - Retired, Special Limited Partner, El Dorado Ventures

McNeil, Charles S. - CEO, NexGen Resources Corporation

Merrell, Dallas

Modersitzki, Blake G. - Managing Director, Pelion Venture Partners

Moss, Andrea - Senior Vice President, Zions Bank Corporation

Murphy, Brian P. - Managing Director, Portfolio Advisors LLC

Neeleman, David G. - Founder, Azul Linhas Aeraes Brasileiras

Neff, Joe W. - Retired Partner PWC; Co-Founder NEFF Headwear,

Neilson, Ralph R. - Managing General Partner - Real Estate, Le Baron Investments

Nelson, Ted D. - Founder, Duke Financial CO INC
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Nelson, Todd S. - Chief Executive Officer and Director, Education Management Corporation

Nelson, William H. - President, Retired, Intermountain Healthcare

Nemrow, Norman R. - President, Business Learning Software, Inc.

Newsome, Gary D. - President and CEO, Retired, Health Management Associates, Inc.

Nielson, Veigh M. - Co-founder, H20 Innovations

O'Bryant, Allan E. - Executive VP and Senior Managing Director, Global, RGA Reinsurance Company

Olsen, Mel E. - Retired Vice President, American Airlines
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Ord, John E. - Ord & Rodgers Construction Inc
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Oveson, Dixie

Oveson, Richard M. - Senior VP Research & Development, The Faneuil Group
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Parsons Jr., Robert E. - Executive Vice President and CFO, Exclusive Resorts, LLC
    Position: NAC Past Chair
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Paxton, Dr. Dan R. - Organizational Leadership Reso

Perriton, Alan G. - President, Via Motors, Inc.

Perry, L. T - Member of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Perry, Lee T. - Professor, Brigham Young University

Peterson, Daniel S. - Managing Director, Peterson Partners

Peterson, D. Scott - Area Managing Partner, Retired, Ernst & Young LLP

Peterson, Joel C. - Trammell Crow Company

Poelman, Anne

Pratt, Brent K. - Principal, Foulger-Pratt Companies

Pulley, Jerral R. - Partner, Client Synergy Group
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Quigley, James H. - Senior Partner, Deloitte U.S.

Rasband, Ronald A - Quorum of Seventy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Rasmussen, C. Martin - Retired,

Rasmussen, Donna N.

Read, Keith R. - Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management LP
    Position: NAC Chair
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Rencher, Brad - SVP and GM Digital Marketing, Adobe

Rich, Robert C. - Retired,
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Rigby, Randall L. - President and COO, Utah Jazz

Ritchie, James W. - Founder, Ritchie Enterprises
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Ritchie, John B. - Ritchie Commercial
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Rizley, Steve - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cox Communications - AZ
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Roach, Eric - Managing Director, Roach Capital Partners

Robison, LaVoy - Partner, Retired, KPMG Pear Marwick LLP
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Robison, Susan W. - Morgan Stanley

Rollins, Kevin B. - Senior Advisor for Technology, Commercial and Cons, TPG Capital

Romney, Taggart M. - Managing Partner, Solamere Capital

Roney, Blake M. - Executive Chairman and Founder, Nu Skin Enterprises

Russell, Mark A. - President and COO, Worthington Industries, Inc.

Rustand, Warren S. - Cambridge Company LTD
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Sabin, Gary - Chairman and CEO, Excel Trust, Inc.

Saumweber, Jan - DNL, DNL

Scott, George C. - Partner, Retired, Deloitte & Touche

Sefcik, D. Mark - President, Enerpac

Severson, Gary J. - SVP, Chief Merchandising Officer, Walmart Japan

Severson, Ralph F. - Retired Partner, Goldman, Sachs and Co. Investments

Shields, Roger E. - Country Risk Management, MBIA AMBAC International
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Shin, Dr. Yong-In - President, Innovative Technology Business Consulting, LLC

Simmons, Bonne H.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Simmons, Harris H. - Zions Utah Bancorporation
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Skousen, K. Fred - Advancement Vice President, Retired, Brigham Young University
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Sloan, Stephen C. - Founding Partner and Managing Director, Cogent Partners

Smith, A. Kim - Managing Director, Peery Institute of Financial Services

Smith, Barry Morgan - CEO, Magellan Health Services

Smith, Craig S. - President- Caribbean and Latin America, Marriott International

Smith Jr., Jeff

Smith, H. Pete

Smith, Leo C. - Consultant, Retired,
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Smith, MaryAnn F.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Smith, Menlo F. - Chairman, Sunmark Capital

Smith, Rick L. - Retired Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

Sorensen, David E - Emeritus First Quorum of the Seventy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Sorensen, D. Stephen - Chairman and CEO, The Select Family of Staffing Companies

Speirs, Phyllis T.

Spendlove, G. Scott - Chief Financial Officer, Tesoro Corporation

Stacey, Rulon F. - CEO, Fairview Health Services

Staheli, Afton
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Stanford, Leslie R - Independent Distributor, Herbalife

Stevenson, Bishop Gary E. - Presiding Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Stice, James D. - Associate Dean MSM, Brigham Young University

Stoddard, Stanford C. - Chairman, LaGrande Capital LLC

Stone, Jared W. - Managing Director, Northgate Capital

Strong, Jeffery C. - Executive Vice President, Sun Products

Sunderlage, Jack W. - President and CEO, ContentWatch, Inc.
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee
 Executive Committee

Sutterfield, Philip R. - Executive Vice President, Retired, Sam's Club
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Tashjian, Larry D. - Founder, President, and CEO, CAM Capital Advisors

Taylor Sr., John Arthur - Retired, Manager of Media, Procter & Gamble
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Thomas, Andrea B. - Senior VP/Sustainability, Wal-Mart
    Assignment(s):  Executive Committee

Thompson, Michael P. - Associate Dean, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University

Tobler, D. L - Emeritus Second Quorum of the Seventy, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Trujillo, Jackie B. - Chairman of the Board, Retired, Harman Management Corporation

Varvel, Eric M. - CEO, Credit Suisse Investment Bank

Vest, Randy Johnson - Vice President and Controller, Retired, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Victor, Marilyn

Vincent, Richard B. - Chairman, Monviso

Walker, Olene S.

Wang, Chen Chi - Chairman, ACEH Capital, LLC

Ward, Nicholas J. - Retired Partner, Accenture Foundation Inc

Warner, John M. - Managing Director, CCMP Capital Advisors LLC

Watson, Kent D. - PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Way, William G. - COO, Microcredit Enterprises

Weidman, David N. - Chairman and CEO, Retired, Celanese Corporation

Whisenant, Brent - Managing Director, Medley Partners Management

White, Georgia A.
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Whitman, Robert A. - Chairman of the Board and CEO, FranklinCovey

Whitmore, Richard K. - CFO, Application and Integration Middleware, IBM

Whitmore, Yvonne
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Willes, Mark - Former President and CEO, Deseret Management Corporation

Williams, Gary P. - Associate Director and Teaching Professor, Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Wilson, Dow R. - President and CEO, Varian Medical Systems

Wilsted, Dr. William D. - President, William D Wilsted Inc
    Assignment(s):  Emeritus Committee

Wing, Brigitte

Wolthuis, Mo - Senior Vice President, Newell Rubbermaid

Wood, AnnaLee
    Assignment(s):  Womens Committee

Woolley, Kenneth M - Director, Extra Space Storage

Yacktman, Stephen A. - Co-Portfolio Manager, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Yacktman Asset Management

Young, Robert B.

Zenger, Dr. John H. - CEO, Zenger Folkman