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  • Meet the Piano-Playing Google Guru Tuesday Aug 05 2014

    It’s not often that a piano-playing gig leads to landing your dream job at Google. That’s the way it worked out for Trevor Dixon, however, when he was asked by the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance to play jazz piano at a dinner for The New York Times journalist David Bornstein. 

  • Ballard Center Alum Joins Walmart to Create Change Tuesday Jul 01 2014

    When Jackie Saumweber started her MPA degree at Brigham Young University, she wasn’t sure where she wanted it to take her. Over time and after a detour through the Ballard Center, she found a niche that united her passions and skills — corporate social responsibility.

  • New Ventures in Uganda for Y-Prize Winners Monday Jun 02 2014

    Across Uganda, children commonly suffer from malnutrition, anemia and developmental disabilities — the effects of parasitic worms. The parasites that cause schistosomiasis can be eliminated by an inexpensive pill, but there is no established way to distribute the medicine to all those who need it.

  • 2014 TEDxBYU Videos Available Online Tuesday May 06 2014

    Be inspired by talks from this year’s TEDxBYU Conference. 

  • TEDxBYU to Feature Talks on Creativity Thursday Mar 13 2014

    At the fourth annual TEDxBYU, held March 21, creative minds from diverse fields will share what drives their ideas.

  • Students Learn How to Make a Difference at Ballard Week Tuesday Mar 11 2014

    Creating better work environments in developing countries, helping farmers escape poverty and providing prison inmates with educational opportunities are just a few actions social innovators are taking to alleviate the world’s problems.

  • BYU Interns and Ballard Center Professor Featured in Stowaway Magazine Wednesday Feb 12 2014

    The work of BYU student interns and the Ballard Center’s Peery Fellow Jeremi Brewer is featured in the recent Stowaway magazine article, “The Academy for Creating Enterprise: Creating Enterprise and Creating Hope.” The article investigates Brewer’s Microenterprise Education Initiative, a research initiative seeking to build self-reliance around the world. Since 2008 BYU interns working for the Academy for Creating Enterprise, one of MEI’s partners, have helped lift 6,000 individuals out of poverty in Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Zimbabwe and other countries.

  • “Do Good Better” Exhibit to Open Thursday Jan 30 2014

    Students will learn how to better serve others through social innovation at the opening reception for “Do Good Better,” an exhibit in the Education in Zion Gallery in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building.

  • Y-Prize Kicks Off Ugandan Service Competition Friday Jan 24 2014

    Y-Prize is an opportunity for BYU students to serve the Ugandan people without leaving Provo.

  • BYU Ballard Center to Host Self-Reliance Book Launch Party BYU professor Paul Godfrey will address attendees Jan. 23 Friday Jan 17 2014

    Students will have the chance to discuss new ways to eliminate poverty at a book launch for “More than Money: Five Forms of Capital to Create Wealth and Eliminate Poverty,” by Brigham Young University business strategy professor Paul Godfrey.

  • Intrapreneurship Study Featured on Thursday Oct 10 2013

    An upcoming study on intrapreneurship by BYU Ballard Center’s Peery Fellow Jeremi Brewer and BYU Marriott School alum Andrew Scheuermann was featured in Forbes magazine. Their study seeks to help organizations see more success by fostering the atmosphere and attitudes of intrapreneurship—the qualities of employees who implement innovative solutions to add surprising value to their organization. They are currently seeking participants for their study and anticipate the future publication of their results. View the article here.

  • Finance Fuels Students' and Nonprofit's Future Monday Aug 12 2013

    Four Marriott School of Management students co-authored a story in Forbes concerning their experience with the Ballard Center's Social Innovation Projects. All finance majors, the students’ engagement with the Ballard Center led to their internships in the field of impact investing—monetary investments intended to generate substantial social, environmental and financial returns.

  • Social Entrepreneur Profiled on Monday Aug 12 2013

    BYU alum Peter Harris was profiled in Forbes for his work as a social entrepreneur. In the article Harris credits his involvement with the Ballard Center for shaping his career path.

  • Ballard Week Boosts Social Innovation Thursday Apr 11 2013

    The Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance recently hosted the third-annual TEDxBYU event and the Social Innovator of the Year Award banquet as part of its jam-packed Ballard Week.

  • BYU Hosts Innovation in Social Entrepreneurship Case Competition Wednesday Apr 10 2013

    Sponsored by the Ballard Center, graduate students created innovative solutions for Newman's Own Foundation.

  • SIOY Award Given to Kushal Chakrabarti Wednesday Apr 03 2013

    The Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance presented Kushal Chakrabarti, founder and co-chair of Vittana, with the 2013 Social Innovator of the Year Award.

  • Create Social Ventures through Ballard Center Programs Tuesday Feb 26 2013

    Growing an innovative business idea to help people around the world has never been easier. That’s due to the Social Venture Competition and the Social Venture Academy — two Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance programs specifically designed to guide students in making a positive impact.

  • Student Social Entrepreneurship Program Joins Forces with Vittana Friday Feb 15 2013

    The Students for Social Entrepreneurship, a program in The Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance, has joined forces with Vittana — a company that sets up loans for students in developing countries who need a hand up in furthering education.

  • Education Resource 1: Three Questions to Ask When Seeking Innovative Companies Ask smart questions to find organizations with high social impact Tuesday Jan 29 2013

    How can you work smarter and not harder to make large-scale changes in the world? Everyone has limited time and resources. Consider certain questions prior to partnering with an organization that aims to have a positive societal impact.

  • Celebrating Social Innovation at BYU Friday Oct 12 2012

    It's now easier than ever to make a positive impact on the world, thanks to Changemaker Week — an event hosted October 15 – 19 by the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance.

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