About Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship: a field of innovators using entrepreneurial strategies and principles to solve intractable problems of society at a systemic level.

The Peery Social Entrepreneurship Program, located at the Ballard Center, supports students and faculty interested in social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is a form of social innovation, focused specifically on solving society’s challenges using entrepreneurial techniques. 

The Peery Program includes multiple opportunities for students to get directly involved with social entrepreneurs, and to create and implement their own ideas. 

  • Each year, over 100 students participate in on-campus internships, working  with well-known organizations to address social issues.
  • During the summer dozens of MBA students take time to consult social entrepreneurs in various countries.
  • In addition to working with existing organizations, students have a chance to test their own entrepreneurial ideas through our annual competitions.

The Peery Program is also reaching across campus and disciplines to encourage social entrepreneurs in every sector. Through this program, the Ballard Center is able to support fellows in various fields as they apply the skills they have to solving difficult problems.