Past Winners





  • 3D Recycling 
  • aCanela Spice
  • 3E Education
  • Haedrian Project

2014 Winners

Best Venture

Best Product

Best Idea

  • Laugh Model
  • Peacekeeping
  • Move Well
  • The Protege Effect
  • Dream Come True for IDD
  • Video Journaling
  • HustleMeter
  • Improving Farmer Livelihoods in Haiti
  • PennyPledge
  • Small Business Development in Colombia
  • Ecotourism along the Silk Road
  • Educational Reform
  • Pay-As-You-Go Solar Panels
  • Fight Pornography by Fighting Secrecy
  • Recyclops - Recycling for Apartments
  • Marketplace for Perspective
  • Patch the World
  • Halo Freeze Dry

2013 Winners

Best product:

Best Idea:


2012 Winners

  • Trano Mirary Providing affordable housing to slum-dwellers in Madagascar through innovative building and financing.
  • Achatina Snail Farms 
Bringing Achatina snails currently in high demand for food exports to Ghanaians to help them develop a revenue source as well as provide essential nutrients to themselves.  Helps locals become self-reliant by giving farmers a small loan, 1,000 snails, and materials needed to start the farm.
  • Serve Surfer â€¨Connecting volunteers and nonprofits via a simple Facebook platform that allows volunteers to locate opportunities to volunteer, report on experience, and track service.  

2011 Winners

  • Tilapiana: Creating sustainable fish farms Combats the world's depleting marine stock by teaching rural entrepreneurs in Ghana to successfully run their own fish farms. Using a franchise model and innovative approaches to design, implementation, and training, Tilapiana empowers Ghanaians so they can raise, sell, and eat their own fish.
  • TeensACT: Empowering teens for college Decreases the high school drop out rate and prepares teens for college by offering ACT prep courses, guest speakers, campus tours and assistance in finding and applying for scholarships.
  • Stratus: Connecting businesses with nonprofits by pairing employees' skills with nonprofits' needs to make a perfect match.

2010 Winners

EcoScraps Inc Mag
The founders of EcoScraps featured in Inc. magazine
  • 2ft. Prosthetics
    Affordable prosthetic limbs for the developing world
  • EcoScraps
    Recycling of food waste into organic soil amendment
  • International Children's Legal Aid
    Protects AIDS orphans and alleviates threat of "Property Grabbing" in Uganda

2009 Winners

  • The Tipping Bucket
    A crowd-funding tool for nonprofits.
  • SainTerre
    Helps provide greater sanitation to sub-Saharan Africa through use of a low-cost toilet.
  • StartUp
    A plan to create a small business academy for small to medium-size entrepreneurs.

2008 Winners

  • Students for Self-Sustainable Schools
    Hotels that provide funds for schools and give students vocational training
  • SchoolTipline
    Provides communication solutions to help schools identify and prevent violence, suicide, and other safety issues
  • Next Deseret
    Builds surgical centers in the developing world

2007 Winners

  • Motu BioFuels
    Develops coconut oil into biodiesel fuel
  • TRIP
    An at-risk youth rehabilitation program with service learning opportunities in developing countries
    Provides Palestinian poor with jobs selling denim products throughout the Arab world

2006 Winners

  • Radius
    Provides wheelchairs made for developing economies from composite materials
  • ACE Int’l GMAT Preparation
    Helps people in developing economies prepare for the GMAT and apply to business schools in the United States
  • Center for Technical Training
    A training center in Ecuador for low-income residents

2005 Winners

  • MarketPlace Africa
    Exports and distributes African art
  • Centers for Complimentary Education*
    Training centers in Brazil for low-income adolescents
  • ChariState
    An electronic state solicitation registration for nonprofit organizations

2004 Winners

  • Mayan Tree Company & Foundation*
    Exports mango produce from Guatemala
  • Machalilla Aquarium*
    A conservation research and destination aquarium in Ecuador

*Placed in the semi–finals of the Global Social Venture Competition, the largest international competition in its field.

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