What do you like to do: analyze numbers and information; think critically; solve complex problems; and work in teams.

Definition: Accounting is the study of how businesses track their incomes and assets over time. Accountants provide organizations with the financial information to make sound business decisions. They engage in a wide variety of activities beyond preparing financial statements and recording business transactions, including computing costs and efficiency gains from new technologies, participating in strategies for mergers and acquisitions, overseeing quality management, developing and using information systems to track financial performance, and implementing tax strategy.

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You will learn how to:

  • Prepare and interpret financial statements
  • Track, audit, and maintain financial records
  • Provide information to managers about how to improve the financial position of the company

Other things to do:

  • Join Beta Alpha Psi
  • Job shadow at an accounting firm
  • Participate in an international accounting study abroad program
  • Complete an internship with an accounting firm

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  • Public accountant
  • Corporate accountant
  • Tax advisor
  • Auditor
  • Private accountant
  • Financial advisor

Sample of Potential Companies:

  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • PWC
  • Grant Thornton
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HP
  • Intel
  • Ford Motor

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