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Fred L. Carpenter

Membership Information:

Member Status: Silver
Member Since: 2004


Job Title: Group Chairman
Company: Vistage International
Location: California, United States


  • Commercial Real Estate - Private Investor, Advisory Services


Fred Carpenter is CEO of companies specializing in commercial real estate, technology, financial services, and education. After Fred graduated from BYU with a MBA in 1981, he began his business career working in the real estate department of Bechtel Investments, Inc. in San Francisco. After a couple of years he was enticed to move across the bay to Oakland where he worked as Vice President-Real Estate Acquisitions for Equitec Financial Group, Inc. While with Equitec he also spent time directing regional offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles he met his current partners where they formed Glenwood Financial Group in 1987. Fred Carpenter serves on the board of directors for Glenwood Financial Group, Whamtech, Inc., and Mentors International, Inc., a non-profit group that provides micro-credit financing in third-world countries.

Fred Carpenter is currently associated with Vistage International, the worlds leading CEO organization with over 19,000 members worldwide.  He serves as Chairman of two CEO and one C-Level Peer Advisory Boards in the greater Los Angeles area.  Additionally he is an Advisor to over 30 executives who look to Fred to provide a unique blend of executive coaching and corporate consulting. Prior to associating with Vistage, Fred was the managing partner of The Glenwood Group, an internally funded private equity fund with investments in commercial real estate, technology, financial services, and education.  Previously he worked in the commercial real estate investment business with Equitec Financial Group, Inc. and Bechtel Investments, Inc.