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Jim Ritchie

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Member Status: Gold
Member Since: 2000

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Website: http://theritchiegroup.com


  • Commercial Real Estate, Investment Banking


At the age of 35, Ritchie was able to retire, financially independent. He had, at that point, accumulated the control of 26 business ventures including: a Chevrolet agency, wholesale and retail travel companies, a feed processing plant, farm store, International Harvester dealership, Skidoo dealership, Sears catalog, land development, motels, restaurants, Meadow Gold dairy products distributor, Salt Lake Tribune distributor, and pig farmer. At the same time he served twice as Country Fair Chairman, Parade Chairman, charter member of the Economic Development Council for Wasatch County, bishop, and he helped found the famous Heber Creeper. In Southern California, the community benefitted by his serving as the mayor's appointment to the Simi Valley Planning Commission, the Chairman of the Cultural Arts Council, and the first ever non-Adventist member of the 7th Day Adventist Hospital Board. Ritchie has also been a seminary teacher, institute director, stake president, and mission president for the LDS Church. Later in life, Ritchie was selected as senior vice president over sales and training of Franklin Quest. He and his wife Carolyn served 6 years on missions to New Zealand and Africa finishing their "tour" as President of the MTC in Ghana. Served from 2008 to 2011 as the Director of the Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship at BYU-H as the first Volunteer Director and he and Sister Ritchie just completed a mission to the DC South where they served as the YSA Mission Representatives and are now assigned to work with Elder Gay at the Self Reliance Centers at Church Headquarters. 

Business Profile:

Throughout his career he accumulated the control of 26 business. He served as senior vice president over sales and training of Franklin Quest. He is the former director of BYU Hawaii's entrepreneurship Center.

Family Profile:

Married Carolyn Orton from St. George, 8 children, many beautiful grandchildren. Many BYU Alumni in the family.