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William D. Price

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  • Public Administration, Business Startup, and Management, Community Service


William D. (Bill) Price served as Managing Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in the Marriott School at Brigham Young University from 2007-2010. He graduated from BYU with an MS in Public Administration in 1970 and worked for the State Legislature and in the Lieutenant Governor's office in California. From 1975 to 1980 he was the president and owner of Public Research Institute, an energy consulting and publishing company. In 1980, Bill joined and later became the president of Dean's Photo Service, Inc. The family business grew from one wholesale photofinishing lab, 10 retail locations, and 55 employees, to three labs, 65 retail locations and 1300 employees. The company captured 35% market share in San Diego County and was named the Best Retail Business of the year in 1990 by the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce. In 1991, Dean's Photo Service was sold to Fuji Photo Film, USA. After the sale, he became the president of Fuji's western film developing division and continued working with Fuji. In 1995, Bill and his wife Sidney were called on a public affairs mission to coordinate the sesquicentennial activities for the Church between Nauvoo and Winter Quarters. In 1997, he became the Director of the Institute of Marketing for the BYU Marriott School. In 1998, Bill and his wife moved to Utah to accept an assignment to be directors of media hosting for the Church. In August 2007, Bill returned to the BYU Marriott School after presiding over the Washington, D.C. North Mission. Bill has been married to Sidney Alayne Howk for 40 years. They have three children and many grandchildren.

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Three children and many grandchildren

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Served as the Managing Director of the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology from 2007-2010. President of Dean's Photo Service, Inc. and Fuji TruColor West. His expertise includes amateur film developing, marketing, real estate, and general business management.