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Nathan Hale

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Job Title: CEO
Company: Sawgrass Technologies, Inc
Location: South Carolina, United States


  • Mass Customization, Ink, Computers, Printers


Nathan Hale founded Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. in 1988 in Columbia, SC, and relocated the company to Charleston in 1990. Sawgrass Technologies was originally a software/systems integration business, which Nathan refocused from software development to development of integrated software and ink technologies for the emerging digital decorating marketplace. As a pioneer in the field of digital transfer printing and the mass customization of products, Nathan has positioned Sawgrass as a global leader in ink printing technologies.

A born entrepreneur, Sawgrass is Nathan’s second successful start–up venture. Nathan’s first business enterprise was Tropical Snow, a flavored shaved ice business that he started on the Isle of Palms, SC. As the business continued to thrive, Nathan opened 125 franchises around the state of South Carolina before eventually selling the company. A native of Idaho and an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nathan spent two years as a missionary in Michigan in the early 80's. He attended Brigham Young University. Nathan has been recognized as an innovator in the industry.