Romney Institute Executive Board

Amy Antonelli

Amy Antonelli

Membership Information:

Current Position: Executive Board
Member Since: 2017


Job Title: CEO
Company: Humanitarian Experience for Youth
Location: Utah, United States


Amy Antonelli was the first Executive Director of Rising Star Outreach. During her time with Rising Star Outreach, Amy spent seven years living and working in rural India helping those afflicted with leprosy.

Prior to her work in India, Amy was a spokesperson for Apple's executive officers, including CEO Steve Jobs, and was instrumental in building PowerSchool, Inc., which was later acquired by Apple in 2002. In 2014, she led an initiative at Facebook to develop a more mission-driven internal community. Most recently, Amy spent two years working with the LDS church on a global poverty initiative, and in 2017 she became the CEO of Humanitarian Experience for Youth (HEFY).

Amy received a B.A. from Brigham Young University and a Master’s degree from the Harvard Kennedy School. She is also a fellow at the Center for Social Innovation in the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Amy served as an LDS missionary in Italy and Malta. She is also a one-time marathon runner, a calligrapher, an idea explorer, and the author of the blog Kadalmangalam Road. She considers Palo Alto, California home, and can often be found hiking the Stanford hills with her friends and family.