Impact Investing

The Ballard Center’s impact investing initiative helps students learn skills and gain experience in investing in sustainable businesses that are creating social impact.

What is Impact Investing?

Impact Investing is the active placement of capital in businesses and funds that generate social and environmental benefit while simultaneously generating financial returns. Departing from a strict separation of the financial and philanthropic worlds, impact investing blends best practices from traditional asset management, private equity and venture capital investing, business development, international and domestic economic development, and environmental innovation to support enterprises that maximize financial returns and social good.

Impact Investing Initiative

The Impact Investing Initiative at the Ballard Center focuses on experiential learning with leading social investment firms, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, innovative non-profit organizations, and foundations to identify, assist, and fund social enterprises with significant potential.

Bridge the gap between business and social causes by signing up for the Ballard Center’s impact investing class and gain the following benefits:

  1. Education: The impact investing class provides students with a working knowledge and understanding of the impact investing ecosystem – how to define impact, how to create an investment thesis, how to analyze a social business, and how to make effective investment decisions.
  2. Experience: Students will hear from current social ventures from a variety of backgrounds and industries, and will have the opportunity to gain skills related to impact investing. Students will gain experience in due diligence, research, and business analysis.
  3. Career Development: Through the extensive training and experience the Ballard Center provides, students will develop skills necessary to pursue a wide variety of careers, including venture capital, private equity, impact investing, and social entrepreneurship. The Ballard Center’s impact investing program will help students gain unparalleled opportunities to start their careers in exciting industries and regions throughout the world.
“I’ve developed a lot of empathy for those I’m working to benefit in emerging markets, and, at the same time, I’ve learned the relevant business skills to do this sustainably. Also, because of a consulting opportunity that came up because of my Sorensen Impact Center involvement, I now work for a start-up social enterprise.”
— Andrew Scheuermann, intern

Sorenson Impact Center

The Sorenson Impact Center internship gives students the unique opportunity to be a part of the world’s first student-run impact investment firm. The Center was founded in partnership with the Ballard Center; David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah; entrepreneur, business leader, and societal innovator James Sorenson; and global impact investor Geoff Woolley. Originally called the University Impact Fund (UIF), this independently run venture fund leverages the skills of undergraduate and graduate students throughout the state.

At the Sorenson Impact Center, student associates play critical roles in the due diligence and investment process. Internships start at the beginning of BYU’s spring terms and fall semesters. By signing up for the Ballard Center newsletter, you will be informed of Sorenson Impact Center information sessions on BYU campus and application deadlines.

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For more information, please visit the Ballard Center or email the BYU impact investing program.