A New Do Good. Better FHE

PROVO, Utah – Dec 01, 2017 – Paper, tape, scissors, pipe cleaners and cookies. These were some of the items used during the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance’s new family home evening event.

Students and families from the community came together for a workshop on design thinking—a tool to amplify the good they can do in the world by creating customized solutions to problems using imagination and empathy. Attendees participated in a design thinking activity, which challenged them to create the perfect scripture study space for their partner.

Through interviewing, drawing, and ultimately creating a prototype study space using craft supplies, the group learned how designing solutions to fit individual needs can apply to much more than study spaces. Participants discussed how this process can be used in family councils, callings, and service opportunities.

Pre-communications freshman Annie Thunell says that through the activity she came to understand that service needs to be focused on empathy for individuals and not just on conveniently solved problems.

“Rather than focus on the golden rule and treating others how I want to be treated, I’ll treat people the way they want to be treated,” says Thunell.

While participants learned design thinking through an FHE activity, the same process can also be used to design solutions for individuals facing complex social issues, whether it be implementing a new education system for children in Kenya or helping an elderly neighbor with chores around the house.

“Design thinking is the process through which we will be able to change the world,” says Greg Hutchins, a Do Good. Better teaching assistant. “I hope the design thinking FHE was a good catalyst for launching students’ experience with the Ballard Center where they can learn more about these principles.”

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Students designed scripture study spaces for their partners.
BYU students, wards, and families gathered to learn design thinking at the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance's Family Home Evening.
Greg Hutchins discusses the importance of design thinking in serving others.
Participants got Chip Cookies and milk after the activity.

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Writer: Michaela Proctor