At a Glance

What is Finance?

Financiers are the gatekeepers of the money within an economy. Finance is the study of the procurement, optimal allocation, and distribution of scarce financial resources. It studies the process from both sides – the investor holding the financial capital and the entity requesting the use of that capital. Finance tools and insights help determine how to most profitably employ and allocate monetary resources. It studies the efficiency of the markets in which these transactions take place and searches for ways in which all participants can reduce or hedge various risks.

Finance professionals:

  • Study the efficiencies of the markets in which all transactions take place. 
  • Focus on the interplay between time and value by analyzing financial patterns and trends, estimating risk and uncertainty, and forecasting probabilities and future prospects.
  • Utilize diverse technical, analytical, critical-thinking and problem solving skill sets. 
  • Counsel on economic-changing decisions – from individual, to family, to business, to government, to global.
  • Choose from diverse, flexible career opportunities. 

BS Finance Program

The BS Finance Program is a quantitatively oriented program that prepares students to choose from a host of career opportunities. Special emphasis is given to critical thinking and problem solving and includes skill development in data procurement and analysis, firm and project valuation, fundamental research, risk hedging, and portfolio management and optimization. The FIN Program offers diverse hands-on opportunities for portfolio management, case presentations and competitions, mentoring, and recruiting opportunities. The MSB-FIN faculty are valued leaders, they are industry experienced, published, and award-recognized.  They keep their fingers on the local and world pulse of finance and markets. At the same time, they’re incredibly generous with their time for students, in and out of the classroom.  Our students have excellent academic track records and have actively pursued personal experience in the finance industry. Community, personal initiative, and ethics run deep in our students. The synergy of our students excellence, expert faculty and comprehensive, rigorous program result in well-placed graduates, who hit the ground running and know how to build something meaningful with their lives.

Students pursue one of six tracks within the BS Finance major: consulting, corporate finance, equity, fixed income, investment banking, and real estate.

Students interested in applying for the program need a strong quantitative-based background (e.g. economics, math, and statistics). The BS Finance program is limited enrollment, accepting 175 students on a rolling basis beginning each fall semester. 

Upon acceptance into the program, students will complete a series of courses, starting with the prerequisites for the finance junior core and recruiting for an internship the following summer.  The junior core classes cover financial management, investments, and the relationship of financial institutions with business and the economy. During their senior year, students have the opportunity to take electives that focus on a specific track within the program. Throughout their time in the program, students have multiple opportunities to serve in leadership positions, present their work to colleagues and industry experts, participate in national competitions, network with Fortune 500 companies, and receive mentoring from industry professionals.

Careers in Finance

Marriott School finance graduates  qualify to work in locations throughout the world, in positions that offer rich experience and considerable flexibility both compensation potential and work-life balance. Alumni work in a variety of positions including, but not limited to: asset manager, commercial banker, corporate financial planning and analysis analyst, corporate treasury analyst, consultant, credit analyst, equity analyst, investment banker, private wealth advisor, and securities or commodity trader.

Recent graduates have accepted positions in a variety of industries, such as financial services, technology, real estate, consulting, consumer products, and manufacturing. Top recruiters on campus include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Vanguard, Walmart, Adobe, Union Pacific, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley.