Look on your BYU transcript. If it shows the AP credit as being equivalent to a BYU course, it is equivalent to that course. Otherwise, it is not considered equivalent for the year in question.

Sometimes (for transfer or AP credits) courses differentiate between macro- and micro-economics; ECON 110 covers both. Simply enter the applicable grade for the appropriate course (leaving the other one blank if not applicable) and it will be weighted accordingly on your application.

It is highly recommended that students take their prerequisite courses on campus. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, students can take prerequisite courses via Independent Study.  These courses will not be discounted on the application.

The prerequisite GPA we calculate for admission purposes will reflect the higher of the two grades and then reduce that by a third of a letter grade. For example if you got an A- and a B, it will appear as a B+ when we review your application.

ACC 200, FIN 201, BUS M 241, and ECON 110

Transfer Students

For more information on transfer courses, click here. 

The grade will be discounted by a third of a letter grade. For example, if you got an A- at another university, it will appear as a B+ when we review your application.

For more information on transfer courses, click here.

First obtain an official transcript from your transfer school and see that it is sent to the BYU Registrar. Once this transcript has been received, it should show up on your BYU transcript. Make sure the transfer courses show as being equivalent to the appropriate BYU courses. Once it is listed as equivalent on your transcript or progress report, you may then list it on your application.

A policy petition form is used to determine transfer equivalencies not listed by the Marriott School or BYU. This form will be used only if the transfer course is not listed online or on your transcript. A progress report discrepancy form is used to reconcile anything missing from the progress report; use this when something is listed online but not on your transcript. To access these and other forms, click on the Forms option in your student tools.

Deferring Admission

If for any reason (mission, study abroad, internship, etc.) you must interrupt your continuous registration, you MUST complete a Deferment Request to be reviewed by the director of Marriott School undergraduate programs. No deferments, except for the purpose of a mission or active-duty military service, will be allowed for the student’s first semester in the program.

You must contact the advisement center in 460 TNRB before you may register for the appropriate classes and start the program.