Student Organizations

Participation in Marriott School student organizations is a must for students who want to increase their knowledge and network outside the classroom.

For management students, these organizations include: 

  • PreMa
    • The Pre-Management Association is devoted to educating and preparing pre-management students to discover the right Marriott School major and future career.
  • Business Strategy Club
    • The Business Strategy Club seeks to provide quality business experiences to its members through events, trainings, and real-world consulting opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship Association
    • The Entrepreneurship Association is 
  • Management Consulting Club
    • The Management Consulting Club is ready to provide experience, advice, and assistance in the highly competitive field of consulting.
  • Marketing Association
    • The Marketing Association provides students with a superior marketing skill set, a nurturing professional network, and experiences that will set participants apart from their peers.
  • SHRM
    • As a chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, BYU SHRM is committed to helping students prepare for OBHR-related careers.
  • Supply Chain Student Association
    • The Supply Chain Student Association is a link to many opportunities in fields such as quality management, transportation and logistics, operations, procurement, and more.
  • Other Clubs
    • The Marriott School hosts numerous clubs that allow exploration across many functions and industries.