Management Consulting Club

The purpose of the Management Consulting Club is to help BYU students obtain jobs in the consulting industry. We strive to build well-rounded leaders who can give back to future generations of candidates and build the BYU brand at the firms they join.

Why Participate?

The Management Consulting Club hosts weekly meetings and frequent networking events with firms, provides vital preparation materials, and facilitates one-on-one mentoring with students. It also hosts a variety of fun events, including opening and closing socials.

Benefits of membership include:

  • A large network of students and alumni in the consulting field
  • Weekly meetings in which students can learn skills that will help them in recruiting
  • Resources prepared by consultants and alumni that teach recruiting tips
  • A roster of over 100 other members who can help students prepare for recruiting
  • Résumé review by consultants and club leaders
  • Hundreds of pages of casebooks and practice case interviews
  • An opportunity to attend a yearly networking event to visit consulting offices
  • A legitimate organization on a résumé
  • Access to many events with firms, including MCC-only info sessions

Join the Club

To get involved, visit the Management Consulting Club’s CareerLaunch page or send an email.