Experience Industry Management

Students in the experience industry management (EIM) emphasis prepare for leadership and service in the fields of youth leadership and outdoor, community, and commercial recreation. The program’s coursework focuses on developing analytical, problem solving, and communication skills that are needed when directing recreation programs and managing recreation facilities. The EIM program teaches students to understand and help others appreciate the importance of recreation and leisure in the well-being of individuals and society.

Experience industry management students:

  • Learn the nature and scope of EIM.

  • Master techniques and processes used by professionals in EIM.

  • Understand the foundation of the EIM profession’s history, science, and philosophy.

  • Exhibit through a comprehensive 400-hour, ten-week internship, the potential to succeed in the EIM profession.

Graduates in the EIM emphasis enjoy careers in the hospitality and tourism industry, including planning corporate and community events and festivals, managing community recreation venues, directing youth sports and youth-serving agencies, and directing and managing military recreation programs and venues.