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Next Event Date and Time

Thursday, 16 February 2017
10 a.m.–1 p.m.


Assembly Hall, Hinckley Alumni Center, Brigham Young University


Utah Startup Marketplace (USM) is a singular opportunity for BYU’s talented students to connect with local startup companies in a unique and targeted career fair.



If you are a young startup and cost is an issue, please contact us at usm@byu.edu.

  • Single Booth—$100 (up to two free attendees, maximum of four attendees*)

This registration package includes one booth space (8’x6′), a 6′ table and blue tablecloth, electricity access, wireless internet, and a continental breakfast and lunch.

  • Double Booth—$200 (up to four free attendees, maximum of eight attendees*)

This registration package allows for a double space (16’x6′), a 6′ table and blue tablecloth, electricity access, wireless internet, and a continental breakfast and lunch. This package is recommended if your company has a large trade show-style sign that requires extra space.

*Additional attendees are $25 each.

Registration Deadline

The deadline to register for the fair is Tuesday, 14 February. However it is strongly recommended to register early because space is limited.

What is Utah Startup Marketplace?

At USM local startups are able to tap the talent of BYU’s students for internships and jobs.

USM is targeted toward students from the following disciplines: entrepreneurship, business management, strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, advertising, public relations, information systems, computer science, engineering, information technology, industrial design, and graphic design.

Benefits of Participation

  • Gain exposure and access to hundreds of first-class students
  • Opportunity to network with other Utah startups
  • Chance to partner with BYU in acquiring future student talent


Utah has a dynamic and thriving community of startups. These companies represent the future business success of Utah and beyond. While many Fortune 500 companies recruit regularly at BYU, most local startups do not get this opportunity. USM bridges that gap. USM has four main purposes:

  1. Build awareness and excitement about Utah’s dynamic and thriving community of startups
  2. Give BYU students exclusive access to Utah’s renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem
  3. Provide career opportunities for BYU students at Utah startup companies
  4. Educate Utah startup companies about the talent-sourcing opportunities at BYU


With a nationally ranked and recognized entrepreneurship program, the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology has a vision to become the global leader in successful, campus-inspired entrepreneurial ventures. This vision is realized through a variety of events and programs including a world-class Venture Mentoring Services program and the largest private new venture competition in the nation. The center is also home to the first International Business Model Competition.

Contact Information

Jeff Brown
Assistant Director
BYU Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
(801) 422-2815