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Next Event Date & Time:

Thursday, 22 February 2018
10 A.M.—1 P.M.


Assembly Hall, Hinckley Alumni Center, Brigham Young University


Utah Startup Marketplace (USM) is a singular opportunity for BYU’s talented students to connect with Utah startup companies in a unique and targeted career fair.



USM is a unique, targeted career fair for startup companies. Some of the hottest startups in Utah will be represented. Here are five reasons why this is a can’t miss opportunity:

  1. Get a job or internship at a fast-growing and dynamic company
  2. Go from another face in the crowd to making a difference on the front lines
  3. Broaden your skill set
  4. Work alongside top management
  5. Build your résumé and network, network, network

Dress is business casual (leave your suit and tie at home).


Utah has a dynamic and thriving community of startups. These companies represent the future business success of Utah and beyond. The purposes of USM are to:

  1. Build awareness and excitement about Utah’s dynamic and thriving community of startups
  2. Give BYU students exclusive access to Utah’s renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem
  3. Provide career opportunities for BYU students at Utah startup companies
  4. Educate Utah startup companies about the talent sourcing opportunities at BYU