Associate Entrepreneur Founders Organization

The mission of the Associate Entrepreneur Founders Organization (AEFO) is to support the Rollins Center in teaching and mentoring students; to create opportunities for Associate Founders to network with each other, the Founders, and students; and to develop members into Founders.

Who We Are

AEFO members are entrepreneurs who:

  • Own 10 percent or more of an active business with revenues exceeding $1 million per year
  • Spend at least one hour per week mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Donate at least $1,500 yearly to the CET to help fund entrepreneurial programs at the Marriott School
  • Live and work by the moral principles endorsed by BYU
  • Have been sponsored by an AEFO member and then approved by the entire AEFO membership

What We’re About

The AEFO mission is to:

  • Support the Rollins Center in cultivating students and lifelong entrepreneurs
  • Create opportunities to network with peers and students
  • Develop members into sustaining Entrepreneur Founders of the Rollins Center

Why It’s Worth It

AEFO members help others and help themselves in the following AEFO activities:

  • Networking with AEFO members and other Founders during monthly lunches, quarterly activities, semiannual conferences, and annual retreats
  • Mentoring bright students
  • If AEFO seems like a good fit for you, email us