We are excited to welcome everyone back for Winter 2021 semester! 

COVID–19 has created many challenges with the way we learn, meet, and interact. This website will inform you of changes and safety precautions that have been implemented at the BYU Marriott School of Business and within the Tanner Building to ensure the continued health and safety of all our students and employees. To follow BYU’s response to the COVID–19 pandemic, please visit coronavirus.byu.edu.

To learn how recent changes at BYU Marriott impact you, visit the following pages:

Enhanced Protective Measures

To protect students, employees, and visitors, a number of safety measures have been implemented by BYU and are being followed at BYU Marriott in all buildings and classrooms.

Face Coverings  

Everyone is required to wear face coverings in the Tanner Building and classrooms. Please come prepared with your own masks. See Masks for more details. 

Physical Distancing  

Everyone is required to remain at least six feet apart from other individuals. This is in addition to wearing a face covering within the Tanner Building and classrooms.

Healthy Together App 

In order to come to campus and access campus services, students and employees are required to download and use the free Healthy Together app on iOS or Android, which evaluates a person’s health by asking COVID-related symptom questions and then, if required, provides information about available local testing locations.

Students, faculty, and staff who do not have a smartphone or tablet will be required to fill out a daily checkup form and carry a physical copy of that form.

Classroom Seating  

For in-person instruction, each classroom is restructured to maintain at least six feet of space between each chair/desk. 

Entering and Exiting  

Signage has been placed near entrances to buildings, classrooms, lounges, conference rooms, elevators, stairwells, and other common areas to indicate specific instructions, i.e., which door to enter, which door to exit, specific cautionary measures, etc. Be observant of these signs and follow instructions carefully to reduce transmission risk.

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation

The Tanner Building and its rooms, hallways, and stairwells will be cleaned as usual. Sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer dispensers are available in the Tanner Building common areas and classrooms. 

Upon entering a classroom, students will be required to sanitize their own seating areas with the provided in-room cleaning supplies. See Students for more details.

Health Screenings

Everyone should take primary responsibility for protecting themselves and others against COVID–19. Click here to see precautions.

If you receive a positive COVID–19 test result, you must promptly report it to the university using this form.

COVID–19 Testing 

Testing is an important component to successfully preventing and managing the spread of COVID–19. A strategic testing plan has been created by BYU and will be followed during Winter 2021 semester.  

BYU requires COVID–19 testing of BYU students, faculty, and staff within four broad categories:

  1. Testing of symptomatic individuals
  2. Testing of those who have been in direct close contact with a known COVID–19 case
  3. Focused, risk-based evaluation and testing
  4. Randomized testing across the BYU campus community

Instructions for testing will be provided directly to those who are tested. The costs associated with BYU-directed testing of asymptomatic individuals will be covered by BYU. 

For more information on testing, see BYU’s COVID–19 screening page.

Visit coronavirus.utah.gov to find a testing location near you.

BYU Student Health Center  

Coronavirus testing is available for students and employees. To schedule an appointment, call (801) 310-0438. 


Before coming to campus, self-assess for the following COVID-related symptoms by using the Healthy Together app. Symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing.

Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness and contact a healthcare professional.

For more information on how Brigham Young University is responding to the COVID–19 pandemic, please visit coronavirus.byu.edu.