Katie Liljenquist

Katie Liljenquist

Adjunct Professor and Research Affiliate,
Management, Department of

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  • Ph.D., Management and Organizations, Northwestern University, 0

Selected Publications

  • "The blind leading: Power reduces awareness of constraints", Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.    
  • "Beyond instrumentalism: A relational approach to negotiation", Negotiation Journal, Edition 13(1), Volume January, Issue 13(1), Pages 31-46, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, Michael Wheeler, Harvard, 2015.    
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  • "Harnessing the power of positive feedback.", Insights from MSI., Volume 1, Pages 3-4, Marketing Science Institute., Cambridge, MA, 2009.    
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  • "Putting on the pressure: How to use threats in negotiations", Negotiation, Edition 12, Issue 12, Pages 1-5, 2004.    


  • Best Paper Finalist , Academy of Management, Managerial and Organizational Cognition , 2012
  • Outstanding Teacher of the Year , Marriott School MBA, OBSA , 2012
  • Outstanding Teacher of the Year , Marriott School MBA OBSA , 2010
  • Outstanding Teacher of the Year , Marriott School MBA OBSA , 2008