Gregory Adams

Gregory Adams

Director of Finance Research,
Finance, Department of

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Selected Publications

  • "A stakeholder identity approach to corporate social performance in family firms", Journal of Business Ethics, 2011.    
  • "The Effects of Inflation on High Frequency Stock Returns", Journal of Business, Edition 3, Volume 77, Issue 3, Pages 547-574, 2004.    
  • "Revisiting the Stock Price Impact of Quality Awards.", OMEGA: The International Journal of Management Science, Edition 595-604, Volume 27, Issue 595-604, 1999.    


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  • REIT Stock Repurchases: Completion Rates, Long-Run Returns, and the Straddle Hypothesis - - Financial Management Association Meeting - 2006
  • Third-Party Certification and IPO Window Dressing via Accruals Management - - Financial Management Association Meeting - 2006