Conan Albrecht

Conan Albrecht (On Leave)

Professor of Information Systems,
Information Systems, Department of
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Selected Publications

  • "Fraud Examination, 6th Edition", Pages Approximately 675, Cengage, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2018.    
  • "A Seven-Layer Model of Collaboration: Separation of Concerns for Designers of Collaboration Systems", The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2009.    
  • "The IS Core: An Integration of the Core IS Courses", Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) [this is a B-level journal], Volume 20, Pages 451-468, 2009.    
  • "A Semantic Web Data Retrieval Implementation with an Adaptive Model for Supporting Agent Decision Structures", Electronic Commerce Research, Volume 7, Pages 5-16, 2007.    
  • "An Ontological Approach to Evaluating Standards in E-Commerce Platforms", IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Edition 5, Volume 37, Issue 5, Pages 846-859, IEEE, 2007.    
  • "Marketplace and Technology Standards for B2B E-Commerce: Progress, Challenges, and the State of the Art", Information & Management, Volume 42, Pages 865-875, 2005.