Rayman Meservy

Rayman Meservy

Associate Professor of Information Systems,
Information Systems, Department of

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Selected Publications

  • "An fMRI Exploration of Information Processing in Electronic Networks of Practice", Management Information Systems Quarterly, Volume Forthcoming.    
  • "How to debug Excel spreadsheets", Journal of Accountancy, Edition November 2015, Volume 220 #5, Issue November 2015, Pages 7, American Institute of CPAs, Durham, NC, Rocky S. Rosen, 2015.    
  • "Importing External Data into Excel 2007 from Databases and the Web", Journal of Accountancy, 2009.    


  • German

BYU Citizenship

  • Director/Assoc.Chair Section Head June, 2013

Professional Citizenship

  • Association for Information Systems Executive Committee Committee/Council Member March, 2015
  • Association for Information Systems Treasurer Officer March, 2015