Stacy Taniguchi

Stacy Taniguchi

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  • Ph.D., Educational Leadership & Foundations, Brigham Young University, 2004
  • M.S., Exercise Physiology, University of Utah, 1981

Group Affiliations

  • Phi Kappa Phi 2009
  • Association of Experiential Educators 2003
  • American Alpine Club 1983

Selected Publications

  • "Second class soldiers: The role of an outdoor sports and recreation program in addressing the relationship between gender, social support, and military trauma.", This land is your land: Toward a better understanding of nature‚Äôs resiliency-building and restorative power for armed forces personnel, veterans, and their families., Sagamore Publishing LLC, Urbana, IL, 2015.    
  • "The motivations and satisfactions attendant to mountaineering", Mountaineering Tourism, Routledge, New York, New York, Ghazali Musa, James Higham, & Anna Thompson-Carr, 2015.    
  • "The Wilderness Adventure Offers a Path to Self-Actualization", Wilderness Adventure in Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, Pages 107-119, Greenhaven Press, Farmington Hills, MI, Noel Merino, 2015.    
  • "Fortifying leisure: Adolescent perspectives of family leisure in Uganda", Journal of Adolescent Research, Edition 6, Volume 30, Issue 6, Pages 729-750, SAGE, 2015.    
  • "Increasing and Generalizing Self-Efficacy: The effects of adventure recreation on the academic efficacy of early adolescents", Journal of Leisure Research, Edition 2, Volume 47, Issue 2, Pages 165-183, Sagamore, Urbana, IL, 2014.    
  • "The diversity of therapeutic recreation: Application of TR in corporate world of business", Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Edition 1, Volume 47, Issue 1, Pages 1-12, National Recreation and Parks Association, 2013.    
  • "The Nature of Knowledge", Phi Kappa Phi Forum, Edition 2, Volume 93, Issue 2, Pages 14-17, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Baton Rouge, LA, Peter Szatmary, 2013.    
  • "Antecedents of identity development in a structured recreation setting: A qualitative inquiry", Journal of Adolescent Research, Edition 2, Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 183-202, 2012.    
  • "Identity Negotiating: Re-defining Stigmatized Identities through Recreational Sports Participation among Individuals with Physical Disability", Journal of Leisure Research, Edition 2, Volume 43, Issue 2, Pages 205-225, Sagamore Publishing LLC, Urbana, IL, Kimberly J. Shinew, 2011.    
  • "Adventures in identity development: The impact of a two-week adventure program on adolescent identity development", Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, Edition 4, Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 341-359, 2009.    
  • "The attributes of effective field staff in wilderness programs: Changing youths' perspectives of being "cool"", Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Edition 1, Volume 43, Issue 1, Pages 11-26, 2009.    


    Academic - Post-Secondary
    • Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University 2004 - 2011
    • Senior Consultant & Founder, Ampelis, LLC 2013


  • Japanese

Certificates and Licenses

  • CPR & AED American Heart Association 2016
  • Wilderness First Responder Wilderness Medicine Institute 2016
  • Single-engine Private Pilot FAA 1978

BYU Citizenship

  • Phi Kappa Phi Other September, 2016
  • International Development Minor Committee/Council Member March, 2011
  • NRPA Student Quiz Bowl Other March, 2015 - September, 2015

Professional Citizenship

  • Therapeutic Recreation Journal Editor, Associate Editor August, 2010
  • Association of Experiential Education Committee/Council Chair November, 2011 - October, 2014
  • Phi Kappa Phi Committee/Council Member November, 2010 - 2013