Tamara Masters

Tamara Masters

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Phd, Business Management/Marketing - the University of Utah. Advisor, Aul Mishra

Masters in Business Administration

Consultant for: Dell, Old Navy, Hallmark, Utah Olympic Parks, World Health Organization and LDS church (Dominican Republic), Human Development Foundation (Thailand), ESL (China), Intel, REAL soccer, Amazon Ecotourism and other firms.

Director of Marketing for 3 firms
Internal Consultant for full service health care firm

Teaching Interest:
Marketing with specific interest in Sales, Sales Management and consumer psychology

Research interest:
Consumer judgment and decision making including cognitive processes in consumer decisions, consumption influences and health care decision making.

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Selected Publications

  • "Phantom Limb and a New Approach to Understanding the WTA-WTP Disparity", Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, APA, 2017.    
  • ""The Influence of Bite-size on Quantity of Food Consumed: A Field Study"", Journal of Consumer Research, 2012.    
  • "Chaper 5: Sport-related subculture as a useful basis of market segmentation: Insights for ski area managers”", Consumer behavior knowledge for effective sports and event marketing, 2011.    


  • Doctoral Student Teaching Excellence Award , David Eccles School of Business , 2009
  • AMA Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow


  • Spanish


  • "New Insight into the WTA-WTP Disparity" - NeuroPsychoEconomic Institute at Bonn University - NeuroPsychoEconomic Conference - 2016
  • Bite size and quantity of food consumed - - Society of Consumer Psychology, Feb 2012 - 2012
  • Attachment without possession: Resolving the WTA/WTP Disparity - - Association for Consumer Research - 2011
  • Attachment without possession: The wta/wtp disparity - - Society of Consumer Psychology - 2011
  • Heracles or Medusa: The need for conformity or the desire for nonconformity and its impact on product evaluation - University of Utah - University of Utah-BYU Research Symposium - 2011
  • Making mindful change: Integrating Practice Change with Relationships - - North American Primary Care Research Group Conference - 2011
  • Understanding Patients' Experiences of 'Patient-centeredness' And Value-added Dimensions of Care - - North American Primary Care Research Group Conference - 2010
  • Patient vs physician practice plans/goals for care - - Marketing and Public Policy Conference - 2009
  • The ideal Family Medicine physician/patient Relationship: a view from the Midst of Change - - North American Primary Care Research Group Conference - 2009
  • Skier vs snowboarder, risky behaviors and can they coexist? - - American Marketing Association Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference - 2008