James Oldroyd

James Oldroyd

Associate Professor of Strategy,
Management, Department of

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Professor James Oldroyd is an associate professor of Strategy at the Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University and the Ford Motor/Richard Cook Research Fellow. He received his Ph.D. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in 2007. He was an associate professor of management at SKK-GSB in Seoul, South Korea for five years and an assistant professor of international business at The Ohio State University for three years. His research explores the intersection of networks and knowledge flows. This work has been published in outlets such as the Academy of Management Review, Organization Science and Harvard Business Review. He teaches courses on strategy, strategy implementation, international business, and negotiations to undergraduates, MBAs, and executives. In addition, to teaching at SKK, OSU and BYU, he has taught at the Indian School of Business and the University of North Carolina. He is actively involved in delivering custom leadership training courses for numerous companies including Samsung, Doosan, SK, Quintiles, and insidesales.

Selected Publications

  • "Reading the Stars: Determining Human Capital’s Value in the Competitive Hiring Process", Human Resource Management, Volume In press, Wiley, 2017.    
  • "Scaling Up Your Story: An Experiment in Global Knowledge Sharing at the World Bank", Long Range Planning, Edition 1, Volume 49, Issue 1, Elsevier, 2016.    
  • "Status and the true believer: The impact of psychological contracts on social status attributions of friendship and influence", Edition 1, Volume 25, Issue 1, Pages 73-92, Organization Science, 2014.    
  • "Catching falling stars: A human resource response to social capital’s detrimental effect of information overload for star employees", Academy of Management Review, Edition 3, Volume 37, Issue 3, Pages 396-418, 2012.    
  • "The Short Life of Online Sales Leads", Harvard Business Review, Edition 3, Volume 89, Issue 3, Pages 28, 2011.    
  • "A learning perspective on intra-organizational knowledge spill-ins", Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Edition 4, Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 356-372, 2010.    


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