The BYU Marriott Executive MBA program requires 54 credit hours of coursework. Students in the program’s challenging curriculum approach management through 6 core areas of study: accounting, finance, international business, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior.

The program is designed to provide broad management training with a curriculum that supplements hands-on work experience and the opportunity to immediately apply and test management theories and newly acquired skills. The course schedule is structured to be accessible and relevant for working professionals and to help maintain a balance between work, school, and family commitments.

Current Courses

First Year

  • Introduction to Management – Five-day, on-campus Residency Week is designed to emphasize and consider broad ranges of managerial issues and decisions. It is followed by the Management Fundamentals courses to teach core management principles. These include major business concepts and tools of finance, organizational behavior, marketing, operations, information systems, communications, and micro/macroeconomics.
  • Management Integration courses focused on application and integration of management tools and correlating functional concepts to each other and the business environment.

Second Year

  • Introduction to Management II – Five-day, on-campus Residency Week II concentrates on tools and concepts for strategic management and includes a strategic simulation exercise
  • Strategy – Introduces top management approaches to the problems of determining corporate strategies
  • Business Negotiations – Concentrates functions of negotiations in professional and personal lives to develop skills and patterns of professional negotiations, clients’ perspective, and more
  • Introduction to Global Management – Focuses on the global economic, political, and social environment in which businesses operate. Policy initiatives of firms, nations, and international communities are addressed
  • Foreign Business Excursion (FBE) – The international business trip to visit and observe companies in several different countries. This two-week trip is held in the spring towards the end of May
  • Business of Life – Applies business school theories and concepts from multiple disciplines to explain and predict phenomena at the personal level
  • Five elective courses concurrent with their regular core classes